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Custom Back Patches

Custom Back Patches
One of the most popular uses for custom back patches is on jackets. Many times, you’ll see jeans, canvas, or leather jackets with back patches that add personality. At American Patch, we can create the perfect patch that you can wear

Custom Back Patches

Perfect for Clubs, Teams, and Organizations

Back patches are a great way to bring together individuals who are in clubs, on teams, or part of organizations. Our custom patch experts can create patches that display your name, group logo, slogan, a specific image, and more. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes to make your back patches perfect for your jacket.

At, we use only the finest materials for our custom back patches. Whether you choose patches that are iron-on, sew-on, or even hook & loop, you can guarantee they’ll look great. We blend our beautifully colored threads together to create patches that resist fraying, fading, and are even machine-washable. This means you can wear your back patches proudly for years to come.