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Custom Logo Woven Patch
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Woven patches are the perfect choice for detailed designs with intricate line work or small types, it helps create a more accurate design.Our custom woven patches are created by weaving threads together to form the patch instead of embroidering threads onto a substrate. This allows us to create a more detailed design without sacrificing quality. In addition, your patch will be thinner and more flexible.
You can incorporate your company message,logo,or unique imagery into your patch design. No matter how intricate your desdign is,we can help you to bring it to life on your custom woven patches.Whether you want to create a woven logo patches for your business or a patch that you’ll hand out at an event we can help.
We recommend an iron on backingwith paper for woven patches instead of the regular iron on backing, cause it will give your custom woven patches a studier finish.
Our Custom Woven Patches allow high level of detail and clarity. They are ideal for designs with fine lettering and multiple string colors, achieving almost photographic resolution. Promote your brand’s logo with the best quality patches made with avant-guard Industrial Technology.

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