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Custom Leather Patches

Custom Leather Patches
Leather patches is generally used on the waist of jeans, of course, it will also be used on bags, handbags, shoes and hats.

Create a Fully Customizable Leather Patch

Leather patches materials usually have the following types: real leather, such as sheepskin, cowhide, pig, gold/silver leather, super

Microfiber, canvas, horse hair, PVC, TPU, etc., just in different materials will be given a LOGO or its company brand logo can be expressed.

The process of leather brand is generally hot pressing (high temperature timing), hot pressing, voltage (high frequency), screen printing, laser, car line, embroidery, hardware... Etc., mainly to see the designer's design requirements, according to the designer wants to express the theme to produce reflected, different themes with different materials naturally to different processes to reflect, pay attention to a lot

Products in different industries have different concerns, can not underestimate any product, its existence must have its unique charm, it must have its importance and uniqueness and irreplaceable.

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