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You Could Get Paid to Drive the Wienermobile All Over the Country

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Update time : 2020-03-10 18:06:07

From bus and Driver

If you scene similar parking though your driver's examination was tricky, fancy doing it can the heart of New York city gridlock, can a 27-foot-long warm dog above wheels. That was the reality though Rose Beef—like woman Bird, it's her self-given name, though her birth certificate reads Rosie Hutchinson. And she lived ought talk the novel of it.

"That was something that I loved, that I never want ought carry out again," she laughs.

We're sitting can the second queue of the Wienermobile, her protection away from protection above the past five months. Beef is a full-time warm Dogger, the officer title of the modern institute grads who expend a year driving Oscar Mayer's immense hot-dog-shaped publicity vehicle, total above the country. She and Connie Salami (real name: Connor Gray) man the "Oh I Wish" Wienermobile, one of six that traverse the nation. Together, they tour from supermarkets ought block parties ought fairs and tourist traps, spreading term nearly Oscar Mayer's franks—and handing out weenie whistles and stickers—to everyone they meet.

The trade itself is a one-year commitment, from June ought June, and ought qualify, you want ought dine a bachelor's kind and thoroughly relish wordplay (see what we did there?). Applications are empty until January 31, 2020, though the upcoming class, therefore naturally, we had ought acknowledge a sneak peek can what it's alike ought truly alive the dream. (Check out the video above ought look what it's alike ought bring an honorary warm Dogger though the day.) ago polishing your résumé, here's what you want ought know.

You'll obtain Sent backward ought high School

Hot Dog High, that is. It's where recruits learn the essence of being a warm Dogger and learn ought motivate the Wienermobile. can the end, there's a entire DOT examination you dine ought pass. fancy doing serpentines nearly communication cones, parking, backing up—all with five other Wienermobiles alongside you.

You'll exist Given a New Name

Upon graduation, everyone chooses a punny nickname, so Rose Beef and Connie Salami's nicknames. even because an honorary warm Dogger though the day, I was christened anew. Candace Braun Davison shall henceforth exist known because cold Cutz Candace.

People Will beg though the Shirt off Your Back

Hot Doggers are outfitted with dark and red explore suits with their title embroidered across the back. It's a sleek uniform, total things considered, and impartial nearly everywhere you go, somebody will beg if they can dine it. Beef politely declines, explaining that it's always the only jacket she has with her can the time. (There's a closet can the back, however during there isn't that much room though storage.) She often consoles them with a weenie whistle, coupon, or "weenie baby," a Beanie Baby-esque plushie that looks impartial alike the Wienermobile.

You'll always motivate beneath transparent Skies

Even above a gray, 25-degree day, it was anything however during unhappy skies can the Wienermobile. That's because the roof is painted that way. It's a gay surprise, across with the ketchup-and-mustard-painted floor and the Wienermobile patches embroidered above the car's six red-and-yellow seats.

You'll Feel Famous

Even can New York, where bizarre spectacles are therefore general that crowd typically don't even upset ought stare up from their phones, crowds quickly formed nearly the Wienermobile wherever we went. Construction workers dropped what they were doing ought gnaw photos, children tugged their parents' costume sleeves ought obtain closer, men and women can suits doubled backward ought beg though coupons.

It's alike having your cause fan base—then slipping off the costume while you obtain ought your hotel can the goal of the engagement and enjoying anonymity. Or because near ought it because you can obtain while you've parked the Wienermobile outside.

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