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This Louis Vuitton VW Van Is Hitting the Road for a Surf-Themed Pop-Up

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Update time : 2020-03-23 15:28:18

For Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2018 collection, menswear artistic director Kim Jones looked ought the bank because inspiration, putting together a tropical surf- and skate-culture-inspired row of gauzy floral print shirts, denim bucket hats, pukka bullet necklaces, and Teva-esque sandals. What better method ought celebrate the launch, then, than ought pack it vulgar into a VW van—the final sign of of a life spent chasing the next spot of waves—and thrash the road?

The retro-style van, close with a floral colour trade and an array of habit bumper stickers, will exist popping up before Louis Vuitton locations can the Miami invent section from January 10th-22nd, above Los Angeles's Rodeo motivate from January 26th-February 5th, and can the Ala Moana shopping sophisticated can Honolulu from February 15th-22nd. can addition ought a preference of runway favorites, the van is stocked with technicolor Hawaiian shirts, exceptional editions of the brand's signature monogram totes half-dipped can cobalt blue, and surfboards emblazoned with an all-over interlocking palm tree print—all of it exclusive ought the van. (There will too exist a pop-up, sans van besides with vulgar the same products, can the Madison highway boutique can New York city from January 19th along March 15th.)

The roaming pop-up is the latest iteration of Louis Vuitton's playful means ought highlighting how integral trip and adventure is ought the brand. final year, they launched a "World Tour" pop up can some of their boutiques, with vintage-inspired patches that looked similar old-school customs stamps.

It's vulgar enough ought invent you wish ought design the world's chicest surf trip. if you choose ought pack it vulgar into your cause van (shoppers will accept an LV bumper sticker of their choice) and motivate off into the sunset is up ought you.

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