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Custom printed Labels

Custom Printed Labels
The perfect choice for bringing high-fidelity, crazy-colorful, ultra-detailed designs to life. Make custom screen-printed labels or digital-printed labels that look and feel like a beautiful, high-quality extension of your brand.

Create a Fully Customizable Printed label

Custom print label, washing label, one of the operating methods in the printing industry, relatively simple offset printing, the product is generally used in clothing, shoes, hats, underwear, quilt, and other daily necessities or textiles, the purpose is to let customers understand the material composition of the product and the standard of washing water.

The printed label is relative to the woven label, and the printed label is the printed trademark, including the washing label, also known as the washing label or the water label, and the size label or the size mark and the certificate of conformity on the clothing tag. More and more garment factories make the main label into a printing way, and the materials include ribbon, cotton tape, webbing, tint cloth, cotton cloth and so on. In this way, these main labels are also called printing labels.

There are usually two kinds of materials for printing labels, one is ribbon, the other is coated, ribbon is relatively expensive, the coating is cheaper. The water label is generally made of ribbon material or non-woven material, the difference is that the ribbon is best folded in half, otherwise it is easy to appear rough edges after cutting. The non-woven printing of the washing label can not be folded in half, and it is more natural after cutting.

The advantages of custom print labels are:

1, because it uses the printing method, so its color is rich and full, gorgeous, high clarity, the product is more fashionable;

2, high production efficiency. Because the production method of woven label is similar to the way of weaving, the output is not as high as that of printed label, but it is washable and not easy to fade, and the product is more high-grade.