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custom patches

Quick review of Custom Patch types

There are a variety of patch types which meet different needs of people’s daily life and widely used for specific occasions.
We are only working on embroidered patches and woven patches at the very first beginning when the company established, and we are exploring and get known many other patch types as the business grows.However, the embroidered patch and woven patch is still the classical and customer’s favorite types.

.Embroidered patch
Definitely one of the most popular patch types, as embroidery is an exquisite craft, famous for its long history and its international loved.Embroidered patch has delicate texture and rich colors, and custom embroidered patch normally used for making our daily clothing more personalized.

.Woven patch
Another classic custom patch type and patches are produced by weaving process,as the yarn is much more thinner than embroidery threads, it is frequently used for work-wear and business wear cause of the clear texts and better details.

.Chenille patch
A kind of embroidery type, feels like towel when you touch a completed chenille patch, also called towel embroidery. Rich in stereoscopic feeling should be the most distinctive feature of chenille patch, it is a favorite and popular element that frequently used by fashion designers.

.Printed patch
Wanna make a picture or photo to a custom patch?Easy way to choose printing process, keep the details and colors as close as the original picture or photo.

.PVC patch
Not only a good choice of business promotional items, advertising gifts, but also extensively used on outdoor clothing, backpacks, sportswear. Because of the material characteristic, the PVC patch is durable and not easy go out of shape after many times washing.

.Leather patch
Frequently used on jeans,no doubt the leather patch is the classic item to match jeans and denim clothing, the designers also prefer to use it on hats, bags, racewear to show a rough and bold style. Logo can be embossed and printed, PU leather is an affordable material and genuine leather feels more smooth, soft and elastic.

.Flock patch
Recommendation of noble and exclusive patch style, could be used on high fashion, fans wear and any other clothing and accessories for achievinga luxurious look.