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By Abby | 07 April 2023 | 0 Comments

custom patches

Patch represents a kind of identity in our life. We use patches to distinguish other people's job and their identity, and use patches to divide participated organizations and political parties.For example like when we see a police patch when we are in danger, we will choose to step forward and ask for help.
Regarding the customization of the patch, we must first understand the common sense about the patch. For the traditional patch, our impression is to sew the patch on the clothing. But in reality, there are many ways to put the patch on the clothing.Among them, heat-press iron-on patches is the most common method of embedding patches. This method does not require a lot of needlework. For those who are not good at hand sewing, this is an easy way, and almost all of us can easily to master the iron on way to fit the patches into the clothing through simple training.But not all fabrics can use heat-press iron-on patches. For materials such as velvet, suede, or leather, it is possible to damage them if using the heat-press iron-on patches. Although heart-press iron patches are very simple, there is no substitute for those hand-sewn patches with a personal touch. Hand-sewn patches are more personalized. It depends on personal choice.
For custom patches. People are also concerned about how long the patch can stay on the clothes for using the heat-press iron-on method.The lifespan of iron-on patches depends on several factors, including the backing of the patch, how the patch is applied, the fabric, and how often the item or garment is washed in the washing machine. Generally speaking, good maintenance can make the patch two years of use. So we need the iron to have enough heat to make a strong bond between the patch and the clothing. At the same time, the back of the patch needs to be no hair, fibers and other dirt. And also,we need to choose materials that are more suitable for ironing patches, such as cotton, linen or wool. Because they can all withstand higher heat. Good maintenance and care can keep the patch from falling off for about three years.
Ultimately, how do you custom patch it? Custom patches can refresh the look of an outfit, whether it's faded jeans or a jacket that needs a new look. Fist at all, you need to know what are you looking for a custom patch for organization, or do you want to be a fashion statement? Google the internet for badges, logos, letterheads, emoji and other design inspiration. Design your own patch looking and idea.Second choose the way to custom the patches. You can choose from hand sewing, machine sewing, and heart-press iron-on. The first two methods require great skill and special equipment. Although it takes a lot of time, the final work must be very beautiful. As a beginner, our suggestion is to simply print out the designed image and logo to transfer paper. Then directly heat-press iron on to clothing. Now, take action and add charm to your cloth.

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