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A Quick Comprehension of Custom Embroidered Patches

A patch can be made of any material such as fabric, metal or plastic,a patch is more of a status symbol or symbol of an association. Almost people in America likes to show their social status or how they feel by some way such as wearing with a custom patch.
To get a custom embroidery patch, we should have the digitizer to do digitizing first for the patch logo or design that you want, and then we get a digitizing file which can be a guide for the computer control embroidery machine, the machine can do embroidery on fabric, we can get an embroidered patch finished after cutting the sewout from the fabric. Basically the embroidered patches are widely used for all kinds of clothing, hats, bedding, shoes...ect.
A team or orgnization normally prefers to use patches to indicate their achievement, social status and membership. For example, how you recognize a man’s level in army, is he a solider, general or a pilot? Obviously we can get an easy recognization when people wear with patches. The Forces have different troopers and each trooper has the specific patches system for indicating the levels or titles.
Differently, a commercial patch is more considering the design style,business concept, the letters that can directly show their products and service, also the commerical patch can be a reward, identifying the employees.
Why people so care about wearing a patch? Why every patch has its own specialty? First of all it helps people for identifying, it is a way to establish and maintaining discipline, it is an expression of pride as well. No doubt that the patches help people to identifying the level, position more simple.
Patch can represents friedship and enthusiasm. It also shows the motivity of people’s pride, confidence and devotion.

The lack of army uniforms cause troubles all the time, we can’t even recognize the chief executive , something with alternative signs should be supplyed shortly, use pink or red patch for the officer hat, yellow for colonel, green for lieutenant.Epaulettes should be used for sergeant uniforms, or sew a piece of red cloth on right shoulder, and green cloth for corproal. This is a command from President George Washington during Civil War-era.
At the very beginning the patches are used for military uniforms to indentify the postion and level, military patches are developed and changed for serving the army. They are diagram of marine and ground force, they are reflection of the modern wars. And same process of the commercial patches.

The early patches are made of rough cutted felt which sticked onto a background material. Nowadays embroidery patch is a popular type.

The policemen and firefighters using the flag embroidered patches too, a symbol of legal society defenders.
Not only that, the patches also have lots of different meanings, it also represents freedom and a wishful lifestyle. That’s why it becomes more and more worldwide popular.

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